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February 2019
Monday 25th
We are currently experiencing a huge severe winter storm in the Pacific Northwest. We do not know if FedEx will run their routes here yet. If you receive a tracking number and no movement on it, please understand that we are delayed because of weather. We currently have over 15 inches of snow and it is still snowing.
We will keep you updated. I am pretty sure that no Express planes will be flying in or out of here today.

December 2018

Good Afternoon Retailers,
Our newest excel line sheet is attached. As you know we have not changed our shipping prices since 2013. We had to increase the prices given FedEx rate increases.
The prices will go live on or around January 4th or 5th. Any orders placed before that will be with the current pricing.

Included on the excel sheet are our newest gifts. We have more coming in Late January/ Early February. Some of our gifts will be phased out because of manufacturer changes, ie: Johnson and Johnson's products. Others will be given a facelift. All gifts that are on the excel sheet are currently available. We have not made any changes to product pricing. We reserve that right after the new year to see how our vendors are handling the new tariffs.

We would also like to bring to your attention Address Corrections. They will be billed at the rate of $16.00 per correction in any given month that you have one or more.
Call Tag Rates will be $9.50 because of fuel surcharges that are going up once again.
We have never charged for address corrections unless you call us to change an address through FedEx after it has shipped. We have incurred thousands of dollars of these this last year and can no longer subsidize them. If you choose to place an order with us, you are choosing to comply with our policies and this policy is now changing to include address correction charges.

We are no longer able to ship Internationally given our limitations with our platform on Volusion. The new pricing system does not work correctly with USPS and Dim Weights so we will not be offering that service. Thank you for understanding.

We truly appreciate each of you and look forward to a new year with new gifts.

We have sold out of our Boy Stork Items.
Please remove the following:
You can find them here.


Storks are out and Flamingos and Swans are in.....that saying, we are very low on our storks and expect to be sold out by Thanksgiving. Watch for an email as to what gifts are affected. It seems as no major suppliers currently have Storks in their new inventory.

We have some new changes coming soon. New gifts and new pricing. We have not raised our shipping costs since 2013 and are seeing increasing costs that need to be addressed. We will explain everything very soon.

Holiday Closures are as follows.
We ARE open on Veterans Day, November 12th.
We are closed Thanksgiving Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd.
The Holiday Break will be from December 20th through the 4th. We will resume business on Monday the 7th. The absolute last day we can ship will be the 19th.

Our office, as well as our warehouse, will be
closed on Monday, May 28th as we will be observing the Memorial Day holiday. Shipping will resume on Tuesday, May 29th.

We hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day!

We will also be closed for the bi-annual maintenance of our machines June 29th-July 4th. We will resume processing and shipping on July 5th

November 2017
We wanted to let you know our Holiday Schedule for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving Week Closed November 23-24th
Christmas Closed December 25th-January 3rd We will begin processing orders on January 4th.
October 2017

USPS Lives rates are currently not working. If you choose International, we will need to let you know what the rates are.
We have multiple orders that have come in for the last few days that are off by $30-$45.00. We will honor those orders, but going forward until USPS fixes their live rates, we cannot honor the prices given. Please email us before you place the order or go to USPS directly to get an estimate.

August 2017

We have some big news. We are relocating to Bend, OR and need to take a few weeks off for this move. We are trying to minimize the impact it will have on you. We have some employees coming with us, and some helping with the training of new employees.
We expect to be fully operational by October 6th.
We are taking orders until September 14th and all orders will ship out on the 15th. Any orders coming in after the 14th will be processed in order starting October 6th.

We have attached the new transit times map and we will have a greater 1 and 2 day reach. The East Coast times will stay the same.

All of our shipping and processing policies will stay the same, except you will have one additional hour to submit same day express orders. We were able to get a later pick-up time.

  • Same day shipping is available for Express gift baskets and gift sets if ordered by 10:00am (will be 11:00AM, starting on October 6th) PST. Provided they are NOT personalized.
  • All other orders ship next day, when ordered by the close of the business day.
  • Embroidered gifts take 2-3 days to process.

Thank you for your continued loyalty over the past 13 years. We hope to be able to continue meeting and exceeding your expectations.
We have new gifts coming this winter!!

Labor Day, September 4th we will be closed.

Inline image 2Inline image 1

June 2017

We wanted to let you know that we will be closed on July 4th. Inline image 1
We also will be discontinuing our Diaper cake selection. We have had declining sales on these and have decided to phase them out. We will have a few of them heavily discounted until July 1st. After that, we will remove all of them from our website.
Please Check out our page here for prices.

We are starting this new year off deep in snow and floods coming to our area. We will let you know if there is any disruption to service. Most of our neighboring areas have had no electricity. We have been fortunate and were able to complete inventory. We will let you know if and when the rains start the flooding, and if we become affected.

Monday Morning we will resume shipping. We have a few things going out today, but the rest will be next week.

We'd like to take this time to inform you of a few things for 2017.
  • We have now sold out of Look Whoos Here GIRL Trunk
  • We still have a few Boy ones and will let you know when they are gone.
  • We have new items coming and a new trunk gift as it was wildly popular. We are hoping for a mid-February reveal of new gifts for the Spring and Summer season.
A Few Things to Remember This Year:

1. We will be sticking to our shipping and embroidery policies. Our policies can be found here (in full) and have not changed, but if you can revisit them, it may helpful for successful communication.

  • Same day shipping is available for Express gift baskets and gift sets if ordered by 10:00am PST. Provided they are NOT personalized.
  • Diaper cakes MUST ship next day including all Express orders.
  • All other orders ship next day, when ordered by the close of the business day.
  • Embroidered gifts take 2-3 days to process.


When Ordered on Friday Eve-Monday Eve- Ships Wednesday or Thursday
Ordered On Tuesday- Ships Thursday or Friday
Ordered on Wednesday- Ships Friday or Monday
Ordered on Thursday- Ships Monday or Tuesday
Ordered on Friday before 5PM- Ships Tuesday or Wednesday

Rush Embroidery Is $20.00 Extra.
Express shipping does not adjust processing times.
Shipping is calculated at checkout.

2. FedEx Rates have gone up significantly in the past three years. They have dimension weights on all their shipments. We have not had an increase since 2013. We do not anticipate increasing this year but have decided to make our gifts slightly smaller.
We did extensive research and bought a gift from almost every gift company out there. Most package their gifts much smaller than we do.
Many companies do not concern themselves with presentation. Our gifts will continue to look like they do on the website as much as possible. We pride ourselves on making and shipping gifts that are ready to give. With that said, we will be sending out a new spreadsheet with the new sizes as soon as we have the new gifts added. The wagon gifts will not be changing, they are as big as always, there is no way to change their size.
We will not be taking items out, just adjusting our basket sizes and fillers to accommodate a more compact gift. This will allow us to not increase our shipping this year.
and Finally....

3. Please remember that bibs and hats can accommodate the baby's first name. We have been receiving multiple orders in the past few months with first, middle and last names for these items. This simply cannot be done. Thank you for remembering to check that.

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2017 with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We want to be great Gift Partners with you!

November 2016

August 2016
Please remember we are closed for maintenance August 22nd-August 26th. We will begin processing orders that come in during this time on the 29th, with the appropriate lead times. Our last day to accept embroidered items to go out before this time is 6pm on the 18th.
Thank you for your patience during this important time to get all of our machines up and running efficiently.

May 2016
After much thought and research, we will be adding the baby powder again to the baskets and diaper cakes. We see no reason to pull it out any longer unless Johnsons and Johnsons pulls it.

If you do not want it added, please make a note on your orders and we will continue to substitute.

Thank you and Happy May!
February 2016

As of today's lawsuit with Johnson and Johnson in which they have been held liable with their Baby Powder, we will discontinue using this product.

We will continue researching this. as for now, we will replace that item with something of similar value. Please adjust your sites accordingly. Because this is so new I cannot immediately tell you what will be the replacement in each gift, but it will be pulled and an appropriate baby item for that design will be added.

We currently have 27 designs with this product in it.

January 2016

Happy New Year

We have just sold out of the Ballerina Wagon and Gift Basket. At this time, we do not plan on redesigning. All orders to date will be fulfilled.

Check out the Newly Discontinued here.



Check out our New Arrivals page for new gifts. We will be adding more Diaper Cake designs soon.
We hope you have a chance to increase your line with these new gifts.
We will be closed November 26-27th for Thanksgiving weekend.
We are also going to be closed December 24-January 1st for Christmas and the New Year. We will begin processing orders again on Monday, January 4th.

July 2015

The Cashmere Bunny will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day

We will resume regular business hours on Monday, July 6th.

May 2015

Our office as well as our warehouse will be closed on Monday, May 25th as we will be observing the Memorial Day holiday. Shipping will resume on Tuesday, May 26th.

We hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day!

March 2015

All shipments are now coming from our Oregon Location. We are also cleaning up our mailing list. If you are not receiving our emails, please let us know.

December 2014
We just wanted to let you know that we will be closed on December 24th-January 2nd. We service our machines twice a year and we need this time to do it.

All orders received during this time will be processed the week of January 5th. Please remember that embroidery takes 2-3 days.

Radio Flyer Wagons have had serious supply issues this year, we have been able to avoid them until now. We will send an updated email later this week, but we think we may eventually be out before they ship our wagons. We have been promised them since August. Luckily, we had a plentiful supply in both our warehouses, but this week we are going to be out unless radio Flyer ships.

We will keep you updated.

We hope your Holiday is filled with lots of love from family and friends.

October 2014

Good Afternoon Valued Partners,

The Baby Einstein Wild Wilderness (BEWW) has had a redesign due to discontinued products by the manufacturer. The new version can be found here:

September 2014

After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue our gourmet selection including our sympathy, get well and holiday offerings. With the two previous Google updates, we have found that our sales have declined in this area.

We have decided to focus our attention on our baby line which continues to grow and change.

As of October 1, 2014 all gourmet gifts will be discontinued. Please adjust your sites to reflect this change.

Our goal is to continue to be the leader in baby gifts heading into the new year and we look forward to your continued business.

An updated excel sheet will be available on October 1st for those who request it .

Just a quick note to let you know we sold out of the brag books in the Little Safari Gifts (LSGB and LSGBB). A new design is now available. Most items stay the same, but we replaced the brag book with a cute Sophie The Giraffe Board Book. You can view the new designs here:

August 2014

Just a quick note to let you know that in observance of Labor Day, we will be closed Monday, September 1st. Shipping will resume on September 2nd. Please remember to calculate the embroidery times with this closure in mind.

1. As you know, Baby Einstein retired their production of musical CD's. We have now sold out of our stock which forces us to discontinue The All Girl Baby Wagon (AGPBW) Please remove this item from your sites.

2. We do have a new twins gift available for purchase. It can be found here.

July 2014
Our long run (2006) with one of our best sellers is officially over. The PABBW Personalized All Boy Wagon is now SOLD OUT and discontinued. We have a few more AGPBW All Girl Wagons left and then those will be gone also. As you know we have had to discontinue all gifts with DVD's and CDs from Baby Einstein as they are no longer producing them.

Please continue to check out our newest gifts. We see some of these becoming our new best sellers.

June 2014

We have new designs up on our New Arrivals page. Some are replacement pictures and descriptions of some of our Best Selling gift baskets that were discontinued because Baby Einstein CD's and DVD's were discontinued by the manufacturer.

Please check out our page for New Arrivals!!

We also have some Newly Discontinued items here.

The Baby Einstein Touch & Discover has sold out. The new version, listed on the New Arrivals page will be available in two weeks.

Holiday Closure

We will not be shipping Friday the 4th of July. Also, we will be taking a one week break to service our machines. We usually try to do this during the July 4th Holiday so as not to interrupt work, but this year, it did not work out that way.
We will be closed July 7-11.

April 2014

Happy Friday!

We have a new picture up for the BEGS-BROWN.

The Disney Princess Sibling gift DPSG and Get well gift DPGW are now discontinued.

March 2014

1. Product Code: BEDOFGB (Baby Einstein Day On The Farm) is discontinued. We will be introducing a new farm baby wagon.
The new design will be released in the near future.

2. Product Code: ZZSG (Zany Zoo Sibling Gift) is in short supply and will be discontinued when it is sold out.

February 2014

1. The Personalized Lamby Love Moses Basket (PLLMB) is out of stock until further notice.

2. Our customer service number has changed. The new number is (909) 600-7099.

We have a few more discontinued items to tell you about. All orders to date have been fulfilled.

  • Heirloom Monogrammed Baby Sets (both pink and blue) have been discontinued. HMBBSB
  • Disney Pooh Cakes both Boy and Girl have SOLD out and are discontinued. PDCB PDCG

You can find the list on our Newly Discontinued Page.

We are actively designing new products. Be on the lookout later this year for new gifts.

January 2014

It's that time of year again. Our manufacturers are discontinuing last year's offerings to make room for new products. Accordingly, we have some more discontinued items to tell you about.

1. Mickey Mouse First Library (MMFL) is sold out and discontinued.

2. Disney Princess First Library (DPFL) is sold out and discontinued.

3. Smitten Kitten (SKGB) is sold out and discontinued.

4. Personalized Musical Prayer Lamby By Gund-Boy (PMPLB) is sold out and discontinued.

5. You've Just Hatched-Boy (JHBGBB) has sold out and is discontinued.

6. You've Just Hatched-Boy (JHBGBG) has sold out and is discontinued.

Be on the look out in the coming months for some fresh new designs for 2014.

Dear Valued Partners,

We have a couple of inventory issues to tell you about.

1. The Baby Einstein company is discontinuing all DVD's. We have two baskets that will be discontinued due to this change.

  • The Baby Einstein Lullaby (BELW). We have sold our last DVD and will need to redesign this gift.

  • Baby Valedictorian Deluxe Baby Einstein Library (BVDBEL) was discontinued a couple of weeks ago for this reason.

  • Disney Pooh Sibling Gift Set (PBSG) has sold out and is discontinued.

  • The Personalized Puppy Love Moses Basket (PPLMB) is back ordered until further notice.

Our offices will be closed on Monday January 20th in observance of Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day. Shipping will resume on Tuesday, the 21st.

December 2013

We have one gift that is sold out and Discontinued.
We also will be open on December 23rd for all last minute gifts. We will be closed December 24th- January 3rd. We will begin shipping on January 6th.

November 2013

We will be closed on Monday, November 11th in observation of Veterans Day.

We will also be closed on Wednesday, November 27-29th for Thanksgiving. We hope you have a wonderful time with your families if you are so lucky to be with them this year.

Please remember to check the Newly Discontinued page for items that have been sold out.

August 2013

We wanted to remind you that we will be closed next Monday, September, 2nd for Labor Day.

We also have some newly discontinued products.
Please check out our page here.

If you would like an updated spreadsheet, let us know,
Thanks and Happy Holiday Weekend to you and your families.

July 2013

We have two discontinued products.

Minky Monkey Personalized Security Blanket(MMSB)

Personalized Fleece 50" x 60" Big Blanket (PFB)
We still have red and Purple in stock. Once those are sold out we will let you know.

We also have temporarily changed our website look. Several of you have had trouble with a time out error recently. We believe it may have been in our Javascript. If this fixes it, we will keep this look and clean it up a bit.
In June we let you know that the Baby Einstein Water Wagon (BEWW) was low in stock. It has now sold out and has been discontinued.

Also, Sold out and Discontinued is The Musical Prayer Gund Lamb BOY (PL3TDC-B)

June 2013
We just wanted to let you know that we will be closed next Thursday and Friday in observance of Independence Day. We wish you a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.

The Gift Partners Team

We know this time of year is perfect to offer summer savings to your customers. We are offering our new "Just Hatched" gift baskets for a retail price of $79.00 (plus embroidery) for the summer months. Normally $99 and

Inventory Updates:
We have a new Grow A Tree Gift Basket called Grow A Tree For Baby (GATFB)

Discontinued Products:

2. Special Edition Grow-A-Tree (SEGAT)

Discontinued For The Season:

1. Sugar Free Sympathy Gift Basket (SFSGB)

2. Sugar Free Thinking Of You (SFTOY)

Low In Stock:

Baby Einstein Water Wagon (BEWW)
This gift is low in stock and will be discontinued when it has sold out.

May 2013

Our Holiday schedule for this weekend:
Closed Friday, 24th and Monday, 27th.

Inventory Update:
IAGDC3 It's A Girl 3 Tier Diaper Cake Discontinued

Please check out our New Arrival Page, we are adding new products often.

April 2013

The Personalized Puppy Love Moses Basket has been redesigned and the retail price has been lowered to $199.00
The Personalized Lamby Love Moses Basket has been redesigned.

We also have three discontinued products.

March 2013

Good Afternoon Partners,

We have our newest Excel Sheet attached for you. On March 16th, we will be updating the prices as promised on the Embroidery and Personalized Ribbons. You will also see a new ground shipping increase that will take effect on April 1st.
We have moved to a tiered structure for Ground shipping after extensive review of our Fed Ex contract. We are keeping Express as is. There is no change. The Ground Shipping Tier will be located on our site as well as on each item on the excel list.
On the excel list, we included the options of personalization to give you the rate. If you choose a gift basket and are not personalizing it, it may be less for you at checkout.

Please take time to notice the new gift baskets and the redesigned Beary Naptime (which will go live on March 16th).

Check out our New Shipping Policy Video!!!

To View the Shipping Tier and to review our Policies, please visit Our Policy Page. We encourage you to read through our Policy page so that your orders will continue to be processed in a timely manner and that you understand the terms of our service.

As always, we value our partnership with each of you. Remember that March 16th is when the Embroidery and Personalized Ribbons will be increased in price and shipping will be increased on April 1st.

February 2013

It has been an exciting time here at The Cashmere Bunny. We are finishing our 8th year in the dropship business (10th in Gift Baskets) and are so very thankful for each of our partners. As you know we are a 2 family business and many of you have become like family to us. With that said, we have some housekeeping to do.

Our costs of sourcing products and staying innovative have increased. On March 16th, we will be raising our embroidery costs to $10.00. We can no longer offer a discount on our embellishment services. Most of you already charge $10.00 so this will not be anything you need to adjust.

After much consideration, we are also going to be charging for personalized ribbon. We will be adding 1.75 for each ribbon. This will allow us to continue offering add-on products for your customers that bring extra value to our gifts. You may, of course, continue to advertise it as free and adjust your retail costs, or start charging your customer. Please do whatever your platform and market allows.

We are in negotiation with FedEx, there will be more information on that later and a possible increase in shipping costs.

Some Inventory Updates:
Cakes have been selling through the roof lately and many of our designs are older and have now sold out. We will be phasing out some and resigning some and adding new ones.

Immediate Changes are as follows:

We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

Monday the 18th we will be closed for shipping. Shipping will resume on Tuesday the 19th.

January 2013
We have some important inventory updates for the New Year. We have a couple of brand new arrivals with more to come within the next few months. Please view the New Arrivals page found at

There are a few discontinued items on the newly discontinued page. You can view them here . Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue these because our vendors have decided not to carry over some of the products pictured in these gifts.

The Baby Ballerina Wagon (PBBBW) has been replaced with the Beary Ballerina (PBBBW-BR) design found on the New Arrivals page.

Be sure to keep an eye on the New Arrivals page as we plan to replace good sellers with redesigned gifts.

December 2012

Holiday Alert! Personalized items ordered will be processed on January 2, 2013. We will be closed December 24- January 1st.
November 2012
We have some fun new arrivals on the new arrival page.
Also, Our Thanksgiving hours will be the same as last year. No Shipping on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.(Nov. 21-23) We will resume all operations on Monday the 26th.
Have a great Holiday with your families. Remember to get your holiday orders in as soon as possible, our stock will be limited this year.

September 2012
New Pictures and descriptions for The Minky Dot Boy and Girl. Please update your sites. Monday the new gift will go into effect. Pictures are attached.
  • Cotton Sleep N Play
  • Minky Plush Blanket 30x40
  • Handprint Tin
  • Plush Elephant
  • Personalized Terry Bib
  • Terry Burpcloth
  • White Nursery Basket
One Discontinued:
The Personalized Blanket Buddy Pink is now gone and has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Coming SOON:
New Pictures of:
  • Double The Blessings
  • Wiggle Wagon
  • Its A Boy Wagon (only a few of the current ones in stock)
  • Its A Girl Wagon

July 2012
We have sold out of the Bear Essentials Gift Set- Pink. The Manufacturer has discontinued this blanket.

May 2012
The Gund Cuties in stock are HUGE 21 inch bears right now. They will not fit in a gift box, so we will use Organza, please adjust your sites for this. The end customer will be happy!

We wanted to let you know our upcoming Holiday Closures so that you can plan.

Memorial Day, May 28th Fed Ex is Closed and so are we. Please note that embroidery orders will take an extra day because of the closure.

The Fourth of July Holiday closure is Wednesday July 4th-Friday, July 6th. We will resume shipping on Monday with embroidery again taking extra time to process. We need to service our machines and this time seems to work best.

Chocolate items in gift baskets will be substituted and replaced with items of equal or greater value that will not melt. (it's that season)

Thank you for your continued business, we really do appreciate each of you and enjoy serving you.

March 2012

This email is to inform you that there will be a delay in ALL Radio Flyer wagon gifts. Radio Flyer had a delay in their mini wagons and are now beginning to ship back orders. We expect to have our shipment by approximately Wednesday, April 4th. Orders will begin shipping as soon as the wagons arrive. All orders to date as of 10:30 a.m. March, 28th are on schedule. The Oregon warehouse has a small supply of wagons left so if you receive tracking, your order has shipped.

1.The Bugs Backpack is now sold out and discontinued.

1. The Personalized Woof Wagon Boy (PPWB) has been sold out and discontinued.

2. Sonoma Lavender Lamb (LL) has sold out and has been discontinued.

3. Mommy To Be Gift Set (MTBGS)

Low In Stock

These items are low in stock and will be discontinued when stock is depleted.

1. Personalized It's A Girl Wagon (PIAGW)

2. The Princess and The Pearl Gift Basket (PAPGB)

We will closed Friday, April 6th For Good Friday. Orders will resume shipping on Monday, April 9th.
Thank you for your continued business. Have a wonderful spring break.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

We have some discontinued products to update you on. On February 3rd we sent out an excel list of the items we would be phasing out this year. We are now officially out of the Cozies. Please remove them from your sales channels. We have enough to fulfill all current orders.

1. Gund Comfy Cozies

2. Ambrosia Bear has sold out and has been discontinued by Gund.

3. Gund Marmalade Birthday Bear Gift the balloons has been discontinued, so the gift is now sold out.

January 2012

The Beary Ballerina is now out of stock. We do have a redesign coming very shortly. We can do a replacement ballerina bear for those of you who wish to continue selling it with the replacement. Otherwise, please mark it out of stock. We have done everything within our power to prevent this, but some of our suppliers have had extreme issues with product. We will be excited to show you our new concept for this gift.

Beary Ballerina Wagon and The Ballerina Cake

The other major supply issue we are having is with Fattamano. Our supplier has been back up for awhile with export issues, the high cost of cotton, etc.... We currently do not have the pink or blue trim blankets. The gifts with issues are listed below. We have a few Cream with Cream Trim and plenty of Cream with Celadon Trim.

Personalized Fattamano Keepsake Gift Set-Girl Celadon available if you want

Personalized Fattamano Keepsake Gift Set-Boy Celadon available if you want

Personalized Fattamano Baby Blanket Celadon available if you want

December 2011

Happy Holidays!
I hope you are enjoying yourselves in this busy season.
We have some Discontinued gifts. Please remove these from your sales channels.

1. Rocket Backpack

2. Spunky Puppy

3. Bear Essentials Personalized Gift Basket-Girl

4. Bear Essentials Personalized Gift Basket-Boy I have one left

5. California Gold Gift Basket is sold out and discontinued.

6. Cafe Selections is sold out and discontinued.

7. You Deserve A Coffee Break is sold out and discontinued.

8. Cafe Europa is sold out and discontinued.

November 2011
We have a couple of inventory updates for you this morning.
1. The All In The Game Gift Basket AITGGB ( ) has been discontinued. A new design will be available in the new year.
2. The Personalized Froggy Friends Gift Basket PFF ( has been discontinued. A new design will be available in the new year.
3. Personalized Movie Night Gift Basket MNGB ( ) has been discontinued.
4. The Dinosaur Backpack DBP ( ) has been discontinued.
We look forward to bringing you a fresh new line of quality gifts in the new year. We also hope you have a great selling season this fourth quarter.
October 2011
Good Afternoon,
We have a few inventory updates to tell you about. Also, be sure to check the New Arrivals ( page for some adorable new gifts.

1. The Baby Einstein Musical Parade ( has sold out and is now discontinued.

2. The Jungle Giraffe Security Blanket ( is now sold out and discontinued.

3. The Bunny Coat Set ( is sold out and discontinued.

4. The Lullaby Lamb Security Blanket ( is sold out and discontinued.

5. The Mommy and Me Lavender Gift Basket ( is discontinued.

6. The Tiny Train Personalized Gift Basket ( is sold out.